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Great week and weekend!

So, my son had a pretty great week! He even got treasure box on Friday, which the can only get if he has consistently good behavior for the whole week. We went out together on a mommy son date on Friday after school and he had impeccable manners 😊

Then Saturday we went to his friends birthday party, he did pretty well there other than a few times of not listening (but he was excited so it's just something I'd expect!)

So, the hitch is this... (he told me a couple weeks ago that the teacher assistant at his school doesn't like him, while crying at bedtime) the teacher assistant wasn't there all last week. She is back this week. I'm hoping he has another great week...If he has a harder week this week I'm not sure I'll be able to see past that little hitch. Am I so wrong to think she may be a big part of the problem?

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No not at all we had a similar experience we had to move my son to a different School 5 months ago. He started coming home and being really down on himself, and started saying that nobody liked him and that why would people like him he is no good. he was miserable he was worse than I had ever seen him before. finally one morning before school he broke down and told us that one of his teachers always gave him a hard time, and always told him that he was no good. I went right into that school and talked to them they didn't believe me so I pulled him out. They told me that they thought I was crazy that they have never had a problem with that teacher before. This wasn't the first time something had gone on but I was just waiting for one last thing. Funny how we moved schools and he started doing better again. He has recently started to have a hard time but I think that is because his ADHD seems to be getting worse I think it's time for medication. So I understand exactly what you're feeling it's very frustrating. I don't know why somebody would be a teacher if they couldn't love all children. I'm so glad that he had a good week!! That feels so good when they are doing well and you're not seeing them struggle.


I understand the teacher thing and have tried to talk to the principal but I don't believe I made my point, yet.

My son is in 4th grade and started his meds in the last month of 2nd grade. Every teacher he has had since pre-school has indicated that he MAY have ADHD but every one of them dealt with him in a way that impressed upon me they understood and were trying to help. We tried everything we could without medication and they were all so helpful, suggestions, patience, just plain understanding. Once we started meds he made a complete turn around and his 2nd grade teacher emailed me with a huge happy email saying what a difference and how much better he was doing. His teachers have stayed in contact through email and texting and whenever there had been a change in him we have tried to correct it together along with the dr. BUT, this year his teacher is not as prepared to handle him, and seems like ANY of the kids. She was a student teacher who was assigned his 4th grade class at the last minute this year. She seems to be disorganized and flustered herself and that coupled with my son's issues are just a mess. He forgets his folders and books when he comes home, his class just seems to be out of control and she does not have very good communication skills with parents. I have asked for her impressions during medicine changes and I get false reports or nothing that really helps. I just get the impression she is not on top of any of the kids as she should be as their teacher. My son has not been doing as well in school with his class work and behavior. I know it's not all her responsibility for his work and behavior, she has 23 other kids, but there is no communication and that little extra attention we need to keep him on a better path. His other teachers kept me informed and helped when he needed it but she just seems to lack the experience to handle the kids and their varying issues.

There is definitely a connection between teachers and the child's success or failure with their ADHD issues. It is not always just the child's ADHD that is the problem, it is the way they are treated and/or supported by the adults they count on in their lives.


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