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Strugglung with being effective

Have a 7 yr girl.she isnt my blood child but has been with me sonce she has been 4 months old. She has her days of adhd n Depression. I have not yet had her diagnosed but have had experience with own xhildren. I feel drained. She probavly feels this way too. How to deal with school work excels in math but reading n writing she is falling. Any syggestions?

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My son does well with math as well and has a hard time with reading. We have him going to a tutor and it has helped him.


My son has been taking medication since he was three. He is not my biological son but we’ve had him since an early age. He has been diagnosed with ADHD and fetal alcohol syndrome but due to drug use and not alcohol. We’ve been to specialists over two states and several have said he is the worst case of ADHD that they have seen. He also has ultra rapid metabolism so his body processes medicine very quickly. Due to his age and weight, dosages are limited and finding medications that work has been difficult. He struggles with reading. We recently received an IEP which allows him more time during the day for reading and it has really helped. I also plan on sending him to summer school even though his school isn’t sure he needs it. I feel like he needs the routine as well as it won’t hurt to have the extra instruction since he struggles. Hopefully this will help him stay at the same level of learning as his classmates. We have also done tutoring but are not doing it this year at the recommendation of his school. I might add that his school is very supportive and willing to do whatever we need. I’m not sure everyone has that same experience at other schools.


I have the opposite scenario... my daughter struggles with math but excels in reading. Her vocabulary is very superior for a 5th grader and her language skills are off the chart.

Medication has helped her to get more focus in math and we also have a tutor. So she is doing better.


Have her evaluated. You can't be sure of what may be causing her issues. It may be something that looks like ADHD and depression,but isn't.


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