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What should be my line of action

I have a daughter 15yo .since her childhood I noticed all her symptoms of add inattentive type easily distractible ,incomplete assignments.disorganized ,worst performance in studies got failed in 6 standard n repeated in 8 standard she had been failing all her test.despite my all efforts preparing her for all test her response in test is horrible.i decided to take her to get her medical help but just wanna know does medication really i heard after 6 month these medications effect deminishes .increasing doses means more sideeffects.I feel perplexed n confused n conconcerned about her acedmic future.she is having lowest selfesteem .please help.share your experiences.

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You need to act fast!

Please seek the help of a psychiatrist ASAP. If she was diagnosed with ADD and you didn’t try medication and she is failing, it’s time to give it a shot. You have no other choice, at this point. Her brain is depleted of the chemicals needed to have normal executive functions. No diet, exercise, or cognitive behavioral therapy will do without meds.

This is an emergency, she is 15 and she can’t help herself. Act, now!

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