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My son who is going to be 7 in May

runs too much in living room when he have nothing to do especially,also he looks hyper jumping on the couch .

Sometimes getting laugh and excited without any reason?

Any other parent see such symptoms in their kids what it could be

please help today i m feeling too

low my parents are also far awayi need some bdy to conse me to advice me.

he have devolopemental delays i already talked about in this site .

.what to do??

I got the appointment date from

neuro injune.

Today i m feeling broken what should i do

i have to do house chores and orhee stuff i cant sit with him all time

or dnt put him

on tv all the times i feel this when hes off from school or in holidays .


school i never get his running complain but other silly behave with other kids smtimes or lost in his thoughts more often.

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The running and the laughing you're describing sounds very familiar. I have three boys with ADHD and one of my boys in particular behaves this way. It's as though he's on a different speed than everyone else. I found that giving him a reason to run was helpful so that the excess energy he has during the day is not only used, but also his running became a positive thing instead of a negative thing. I enrolled him in a city soccer team when he was five and was first diagnosed with ADHD. Extra energy can be used up with playing outside, riding a bike, a scooter, swinging on a swing, all kinds of physical activities.

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aww Luvvv uu thanxxx for your input

.Summers are on the way ok

i will try that

But what you do in gatherings idf sometimes he started running and laughing i go closer and try to talk to him Like sometimes any bdy call him

he laugh and run away .

This makes me sad in my heart sometimes .

But still i thanxx God he dant get worst or uncontrollable in gatherings . I try to

engage him


How old is that one which grade .

U r strong mommy 🌹❤️️❤️️


This son is now 13 and in 8th grade. He is on ADHD medications which has helped with the uncontrollable laughing that you are talking about. When he's doing the laughing it was a sign to me that my son was getting too hyper and having a hard time staying in control of his impulses. The medication helped to bring those impulses down to a more manageable level. Not perfect, but to where his thoughts weren't racing so fast.

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Thankyouu for your reply .

My son has appointment in june.

I dn know what medi doc will give

please dn mind

can you tell the adhd signs got better bybthe time especially physical signs .??

He is in regular ed?

Mine is in inclusion with supports the school want to put him in self contained but i denied .

What medicine hes currently on ?

My prayers and love for him



As i m unsure what my son will be in next 6 or 7 years😓😓


Please don’t be sad and worry about the future too much. Be in the moment with your son. What we do now will help them in their future.

Have him assessed, learn as much as you can about him. I went to a paediatrician, a phychologist, a chiropractor an osteopath, a naturopathic Dr. and a private occupational therapist. I gathered input from all of them. I learned so much about my son. Especially that he is wired differently. The OT helped me see and understand his sensory issues SPD things that I was trying to control or change. Now I understand what they mean. She gave us a sensory diet and for his school to implement as well. This alone has made great progress.

I feel the frustration and worry you are going through although I have learned that this is a journey and a long one. Success comes in little steps. There is no quick fix or miracle drug. Our children are different and that is okay. We have to step up and raise these brilliant little miracles and yes it’s mentally draining and scary at times. Little steps.

Most importantly I learned to look at my son from his eyes and his world. This is how I make a connection with him. When your son starts laughing and running try to smile and laugh with him run around with him and then see how he connects with you. Go into his world, play with him. It makes a huge difference. I even jump on the trampoline with him. Also take him outside in nature when ever you can this is essential.

We have a joyfully exhausting job as mothers and our kids are the biggest learning curve ever.

I wish you grace and much happiness.

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Thank you for your replyy 😪😪😪😪 it means alot to me .

Can you gimme some intro of him or could we share more please .

Yes i feel lonely and scared every time i m turned 35 and it feels i m already 70s

Yeah i m waiting impatiently for neuro

wt type of diet please ???

Already u answred so detail really thank ful for your time and concern



A sensory diet is created by an Occupational Therapist once they have assessed your child.

Here is a link with more information


One example is my son needs Oral motor input. He puts things in his mouth. At school he was putting everything in his mouth and chewing on it.

I was trying to stop him but what I learned is that this sensory for him provides a stimulus he needs to feel balanced and calmed. He is self medicating. So now he has a necklace that he can chew on. I got it from a company called munchables. The chewing actually calms him.

He has tactile isuues and needs to touch everything. So now he gets fidgets in school that he can use. He also needs heavy weighted activities. This is the proproceptive input. I signed him up at a ninja gym where he needs to use his body against things. Way more effective than a group sport. He also gets body breaks as needed at school and there is an exercise bike in hallway he can use.

Read about SPD in kids and you may see some connections.

I hope this helps :)


Thankyouu very much dearr i will surely follow wt u explained and help my son to calmm down instead of saying all time dont do this dnt do that.

My son also try to touch sometimes his peers face but i keep talking to him .

Well please stay in touch on this site .

Thankyouu and God bless you dear


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