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Has anyone tried Octopus Watch/Watchminder or some sort of vibration reminder watch?


Hi everyone,

My son is 7 years old in grade 2. He has been diagnosed with ADHD / mild intellectual disability, also suspecting Auditory Processing Disorder.

Like many ADHD kids, my son needs constant constant reminders to stay on task during school work. I'm not sure how much support he is getting at school. He has an IEP but I don't think he has an assistant teacher all the time beside him.

I'm considering to purchase some sort of reminder watch that vibrates to remind him to stay on task during school work. I can also use it at home to remind him what to do next. There are so many parents using lists of what to do/chart system. It sounds great, but when he is at school, what kind of tool/strategy to help him stay focused, finish his work other than relying on an assistant teacher?

So I thought this kind of watch might work so that he doesn't have to have a person right next to him to complete his work.

Has anyone had experience with this type of watch? What's your thought?

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Sorry, I have not heard of this kinda a vibration watch. It sounds interesting. My daughter is in 2nd Grade and takes forever to do her work at school, or even refusing to do it I am funding out. Can't wait for parent teacher conferences next week. She has an IEP but it only gives her extra time to do her work. I will have to find out more about it. My fear would be it costs a lot of money and her taking it off and breaking it or flooding it. If other kids ask her to see one of her fidget toys she gives it to them. Sometimes they don't want to give it back and then I have to get the teacher involved. She has been told a bazillion times by me and her teacher last year, not sure about this teacher that they are here and she is not suppose to share them. She told me on several occasions that some kids say "if you don't let me play with it I won't be your friend." So she lets them see it. I tell her "if they say things like that they are not your friends."

Sorry for rambling thanks.

I’ve used the vibrating watch with my daughter to remind her to go to the bathroom. She doesn’t have ADHD. I don’t know about using it or ADHD. If he is working hard then it would be interrupting him...maybe you should talk to the teacher about how he is doing in class and what kind of reward system they have for him. The watch is great if you want it for him to do something at specific times and I would recommend vibralite. They are pretty pricey in case you haven’t checked on them yet.

Adam081911 in reply to Cjkchamp

Thank you for your input! Yes, I checked the price for both vibrating watches and we live in out of U.S. so it will add up for shipping at amazon.

I want it to remind him to focus but also help him remind what to do next / where to go both at school and home.

I'm thinking of asking his teacher if Time Timer would work for him to stay on task (it's visible and help him understand how much time left to complete his task), then use vibrating watch for transitions (recess & lunch; he has a supervision aide for those times in case he doesn't stay at the designated area).

I just don't know which watch is better.

Cjkchamp in reply to Adam081911

My son uses a visual chart with his picture. He moves it in preparation or the next activity.

Adam081911 in reply to Cjkchamp


I'm just thinking.... Because his school doesn't have a big space outside, they have a system to move kids by age group (primary at the back, intermediate in the playground) then they switch at half of the lunch recess.....

I don't think he needs picture visual for this but 5 minutes reminder....

Oh, I have so many things in my head....

I really should consider making a chart for home though....

There are so many styles on Pinterest, so I can't organize my thoughts and prioritizing what the goals are and which style of chart works for us....

I thought this type of vibrating watch does help all the areas that I'm thinking.

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