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Single mom waving white flag to adhd

I have a 9yo son with adhd and has recently tried numerous RX but nothing seems to help him. He has calmed down in behavior, but is now getting bad notes home because if his inattentive behavior. He doesn’t understand the teacher’s lessons but doesn’t know how to ask questions. He is currently on a 405 plan but I don’t think that’s working. I’m at my wits end with his teacher and him!! Help me!!!

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There is a law beyond a 504 I believe. It is called IDEA and it's for children who need more help than a 504 will provide. I don't know how each state and school handles it, but it's a federal statute and that may give you a way to force the school to give your son more help than the teacher is giving. What is the school doing now as part of his 504?

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Omg there’s someone out here listening to me!! Thank u!!! His school is supposed to be giving him extra time to do class work and the teacher will check up on him more than the norm but I don’t feel it’s enough. I’m afraid he’s gonna have to repeat the 4th grade. His school is a tiny underprivileged school so they don’t have any specia needs classes. Could this be the reason they don’t provide all the assistance he needs?


Hi, welcome to adhd community. Search the internet for weighted vest or compression vest. They come in variety of styles and colors. Amazon offers then through their website from fun and function. He just need a little weight or pressure to offset the en balance he may be feeling. It's worked great. Has one for my grandson and just got another one for him to use at school.


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