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6 year old out of control

My 6 year old son was diagnosed back in may of 2017, since then he was placed on focalin 5mg and now he is on 10mg, ever since the dosesge increase he has been awful, very difient and down right disrespectful of everything and everyone, he has a very hard time focusing on anything, he is currently in cub scouts but i feel he does not get much out of it bc he is always distracted, as far as him being in other sports he has a condition where is elbows are fused so he can't straighten his arms so it doesnt leave many options, does anyone have any suggestions as to what to do, helpba mom at her wits end

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Focalin may not be the right medication for him or the dose may be too high. Why did they increase the dosage. My grandson was on that from kindergarten through 6th grade. I don't remember all the increases but it seems he was on the 5mg though at least first grade.


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