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New here!

Hi. I am new here. My son was diagnosed with ADHD via the pediatrician earlier in the school year. He is in first grade. So far academically he seems to be on target, but I am still worried. His behavior at home is far worse and feels unbearable at times. He is not on meds as not recommended by the pediatrician. He sees a therapist for behavioral therapy but not sure if this is enough. Sleep is also an issue. The lack of sleep makes everything worse. A lot worse. I am trying to cover all the bases for getting him help so that he can be the healthiest and most successful. Message boards help not to feel as alone with this issue but it is difficult still. I plan to meet with the pediatrician to follow up and work on resolving the sleep issue as well. Thank you for reading my first post.

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Hello, my son is 6 and is in kindergarten. he has been diagnosed by pediatrician and psychologist with ADHD. We started medication on Tuesday and we have seen a world of difference already. I am curious why your pediatrician didnt recommend medication. I think of it as.. if your kid as diabetes you are going to give them medication to help control. I know medication is not for everyone but maybe ask your pediatrician some questions about it!!! Good luck and dont feel alone!!!! We are in this together!!!



1. Get him evaluated for an IEP at school.

2.Find another Pediatrician.

3. Start Meds soon when u find a Pediatrician who specializes in ADHD and other issues.

4. Keep seeing Behavior Specialist prefer what school offers.

5. Focalin works for my son and intuniv for sleeping.

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