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Bedtime trouble

My son started Adderall 5mgs twice daily yesterday and bedtime was horrible. He was very restless, said his skin was itching, couldnt settle down. We finally got him asleep at 10:30pm (bed time at 7:30). He slept will 2:00am and woke up very restless, obessessed with his "morning clothes" and still complaining of itchy skin. He was rolling all over the bed and my husband gave him some benedry at 3:30am and he fell back asleep. Woke up at 6:45am in a good mood. Is this a side effect from the medication? I am wondering if the afternoon dose needs to be adjusted?

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We had the same issue with another stimulant Focalin XR.

Sleeping problems, headaches.

My son’s Dr. changed the medication to non stimulant and sleeping issues and headaches went away. Although the new medication caused mood swings and irritability so we now changing it to Adderall. I know some parents try Melatonin. Maybe try this. If that doesn’t help I would let the doctor know .

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Thanks annett, we do melatonin every night but last night it didnt have any affect on my son. I did talk to the dr office today and they wanted us to hold today's afternoon dose but we had already given it. Our doctor is out of the office today, so they said dont give am dose tomorrow and dr will call me. Hopefully tonight he can rest better!!!!


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