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It has to get easier

Today was tough my 7 year old who currently takes concerta. It is like he just don't get it. His defiance is out od control the school thinks he is incompetent. When I know my son is bright and taking things from him no longer works. Out of options.

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I am sad to read your experience. HUGS How long has your son been on concerta? I wonder if the dosage is right? When my daughter's dosage was not high enough, her symptoms were worse. Is this the right medication for him? Have you had him genetically tested (it is a simple mouth swab test) that tells you what medications would be most beneficial based on how he metabolizes the medication. It sounds to me that a visit to your prescribing doctor is needed. I wish you courage and clarity!


i totally agree with the others the dosage may be too low. with Christmas break,coming thats a good time to try a different dosage. fingers crossed for you


My grandson was switched to Concerta recently. Still trying to decide if it's the right medication for him because he gets angry and aggressive to. He was doing it on his other medication but I haven't seen much change in this one


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