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AHDH son sent to FBI program?

Hi guys, my nine-year-old son was diagnosed with ADHD and life in the public school has been a nightmare. He has a 504 plan and we’re in the process of an IEP. It’s still one phone call after another from the school. Today he punched a kid and I can tell the teacher is at her wits end with him. She wants him to visit an FBI school..? Be escorted by police as a way to make a point? Has anyone had this experience?

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oh my goodness . . . . I would never allow my child to visit an FBI school . . . or any "scare them straight" program . . . these strategies are behavior modification strategies and behavior modification strategies assume that the child is on control of themselves and that they are making a "choice". Our beautiful children are not making a choice - no more than a child that could not walk and needed a wheelchair! A

scare them straight" strategy would only potentially create anxiety and confusion. After a year of doing everything but meds, we did try meds and have had significant results. I hope you feel the support you deserve!


First of all, it's obvious the teacher knows nothing about ADHD. Your son probably needs an IEP, which will allow for more flexibility than the 504. I would contact the school today to get this started and I would talk with the teacher to see what caused the incident. I would also have a private chat with the principle and/or counselor about the fact that the teachers in this school are not prepared for teaching ADHD children. You are correct in realizing that scaring your son will not solve anything. I started giving my son's teachers the Russell Barkley book on Education and ADHD for Christmas instead of gift cards, etc.


Singer grandson has had lots of problems with aggression and acting out in school. Besides his ADHD medication he is also on Risperidone and Trileptal to control the anger. No I don't like him on so many medications but I don't need him arrested either


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