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My 7 year old need much needed advice

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Hello everyone I have a soon to be 7 year old daughter who was diagnosed with ADHD just this past September needing advice on the best meds for her my in-laws r against them thinking I am a lazy parent that all I am doing is drugging her up to deal with her I also have a 2year old son does any parents out there have issues with siblings always fighting or just sibling rivalry just need some advice knowing that I am not alone thanks

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Hi! I'm new here too. My daughter is 7yrs old and what we always thought has just been her personality is like a lightbulb going on now that her teacher asked for testing. I'm not sure how we will work with her on it but in your case I wanted to say as I'm a person with a mental illness people need to understand it's not a state of mind it's how your body was built. You take medication to help your brain function no different than you would for diabetes. As for siblings she has an 11yr old brother who is like oil and water (he has the traits like OCD) and a 12yr old sister who is like mother hen. Sorry no advice there but hopefully understanding when your youngest gets older. Good luck!!

A good way to explain to other people about ADHD is the connections in the brain are miss firing. Therefore when giving them 3 step directions jacket, school bag and shoes their brain can only focus on one without too many distractions around them, then more redirection to finish the other twotasks are required. Hope this helps

I am so new to this I just figured out today that by giving my daughter multiple instructions plus her siblings theirs it's the cause of her morning melt downs. I made a chart of her routine today but reading your post to limit it to three at a time helps me in figuring this out! Thank you!

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I've learned that structure is very important and talking to them directly step at a time. Its makes a world of a differnce but if you dont know....oh boy!! And thats all of us before we learn

I'm new here but I have a 6yr old just diagnosed in September and has been struggling in kindergarten with behavior. I also have a 10yr old but He is a star issues. They fight like cats and dogs and my youngest is always the aggressor. It's been a challenge emotionally just trying to figure outwhat's best for my baby. I had to start him on meds bc I knew that he wouldn't make it without it. As a parent you just know something's wrong so I suggest going with your gut instinct. I'm also looking for support just to know I'm not alone in this journey.

Hi, hope this helps... my daughter 7 diagnosed 4 months ago... My son turning 3 in 2 months... before my daughter was on her meds... well it was a struggle with them being at each other, him always crying and her always blaming.... and it is not because she does not love him, it's because of her ADHD... now it is better and manageable. We were up to now thinking... she does not have ADHD.... and wanted to take her off the meds... our eyes have been opened... you are helping them more in coping with everyday things that is so difficult for them to do, we are also in the beginning fase, what I do get is that I am not fixing her, We are helping her to cope.....

I'm not saying do or don't, I'm simply sharing our experience.

Don’t worry about your in laws. Easier said than done, I know. People who are not in your situation do not understand and it’s just so easy to judge. You are their mother. Prayerfully make choices for your kids and educate yourself to have answers when needed. Also know that you don’t have to tell your in laws every detail of what you and your husband decide. My in laws are coming around and seeing the difference medication has made for my boys. has alot of important information ..check it out

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