Help with my 8 year old sons ADHD

My son has been diagnosed with ADHD and I have always refused medication for him but when he started school we thought we would try medication but soon stopped because he wasn’t my son and I hated seeing him like that. I need help finding natural ways to help him focus more and calm down more. He is a target for the bullies and has had a hard time with everything that we have been through the past two years with moving to a new state to going to school and trying to make friends that are mean and nasty to him. If anyone can help me help him? PLEASE


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4 Replies

  • Melatonin helps them sleep. And b6 not b12 along with magnesium helps. Also cutting all dyes out of their diet is huge. And try to avoid alot of sugary snacks along with candy. Hope this helps :)

  • I think it might help if you think of ADHD as an actual neurological disorder and not something that can be "fixed" by natural remedies. If your son had diabetes, you would not hesitate to put him on the right medication. Most of us had to try several medications before we found the right one and it's not unusual for kids to switch medications on a regular basis because they stop working. Do some research on all the ADHD medications available and hopefully you can work with a good physician to find the one that's right for your son. The right medication at the right dose works wonders for ADHD. This is not to say that there aren't side effects, but the pros almost always outweigh the cons.

  • I agree, just because one medication did not work it doesn't mean another wouldn't. ADHD kids act differently and are a target for bullies, another reason to try to get them stable.

  • Our ADHD kids have such a hard time coping with change. Try to connect with other families with special needs. Sounds like new friends might reduce anxieties and make it easier to ignore or avoid mean kids. I know my son kept going back for more abuse because he lacked options. As for calming down, don't forget to also demonstrate calm. Practice coping with common situations then add some visual reminders: a note with encouragement, a fidget to use when feeling stressed, etc.

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