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My 13 year old son has ADHD. I have been really struggling lately with him. I know everyday is a struggle for him but the start of 8th grade has been nothing but a nightmare so far. It seems everyday there is some new issue, dilemma or thing that has happened or ends up happening. Everyday this happens. It is total chaos.

He has been on and off medicine for the past three years. The meds really hurt his stomach to the point that he has to keep going to the bathroom at school and he wont be able to eat. Last year he lost a significant amount of weight from taking Vyvanse and his stomach issues got worse and worse. Because of this we switched to Aderall and that made his stomach even worse. He was prescribed Metadate Cd but wasn’t able to start it right away because he ended up getting mono and was out of school for a month. He started the metadate on Sunday and I found out this morning that he has been pretending to swallow the pill but has been throwing it out. He doesn’t want to take it and he so desperately needs to take it just to get through school. He rarely has homework, he doesn’t want to ever study and he really would just play video games all day, everyday if he could. When he plays his games everything that needs to be done doesn’t get done and I am always told to wait til this or that game is over before he can do a task. I can’t take it anymore!!!

I am repeating myself constantly, I am told no constantly and I have to check the homework website constantly and make sure everything gets done and turned in. I am so nervous for him when he starts high school. I don’t know how he will manage... I really don’t.

He has turned into s completely different kid this year. It’s unbelievable. I feel like I am going to go off the deep end because it is literally one thing after the other with him. There is never a regular day. My stress level is insane. I did get him a therapist to talk to because his attitude and behavior is changing for the worst.

I just needed to vent. Anyone else experience the adhd come out in full force during adolescence???

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I feel for you. I have a 13 year old as well. Its TOUGH! However, he really started turning around when we started talking about his condition. Watch "how to adhd" on YouTube together. Help him see that others have overcome these struggles and symptoms can be managed to a degree. Hang in there and most of all pray.

My son also has oppositional defiant disorder. Its rough some days but things are better than they were before I started educating him about his condition.

Hope that helps. Email me if you feel like talking to someone in your shoes


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I️ definitely will try all this out and email you as well. Thank you!!


I see a big solution to your problem right in your own post! Your son and my son could be great friends, My son is also OBSESSED with video games. So right now they are a big source of reward and consequence for us. When he does the things he is supposed to he gets extra time, When he doesn't he gets no time...same goes for tv and youtube! It's amazing how fast my son suddenly gets motivated when his gaming is at stake!

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