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New at this

Hello everyone

I'm in so much stress that i dont i have the energy to do nothing bit cry. I know i need to be more harder on him (my son) and I need to try different medication for him but I'm scared. I dont want him stress or anything. He is really stressing me. He is so smart but this ADHD really got him unorganizad, dont know how to follow directions, he has to much energy and he don't do class work. He is so smart. I need help.

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Is he on any medication? I cry a lot, too. You so want some normal and that is hard to ever get.

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Yes his on medication but I don't like it because he look like his depress when he take it. It hurts me to see this.


the 1st thing you should do is find a knowledgeable doctor. you should also inform yourself. you owe it to your child to give him anything that will improve his life. there are several medications available. most doctors will start with a low dose. it sounds as if your child just needs to be able to think rationally. you want him to be successful in school. i too have a son that is very intelligent. the adhd can overshadow the intelligence. teachers will quickly run out of patience. you can calm your fears by learning how the meds work. Christmas break is a GREAT time to try meds. good luck


Thank you so much for responding and i will do that.


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