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new here.. 6 year old son struggling in school and behavior at home

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Hello everyone. My son is 6 and in the first grade. We are currently going through the process of him being tested for ADHD and I feel like his doctor is really stalling, understandably. He is struggling with reading and writing and staying focused. He talks a lot in school and is disruptive. It is a constant battle to get him to do any homework and for me to help him work on anything. If you even mention something that has to do with "school-related" activities he refuses and will not follow any directions.

He has a really hard time staying still and constantly gets frustrated. Lately, he has been so mean and negative. I do my best to stay positive and calm, I try to help him find ways to calm down, etc. I'm really struggling and I feel like I'm failing him.. Any help or tips with helping him learn to read and write would be greatly appreciated.

Also, he is constantly bored and that leads to him acting out. I try EVERYTHING to keep him entertained and nothing lasts longer than 5 minutes. I'm at my wits end here...I want to help him so badly.

4 Replies

Hello Jekkuh,

I'm sorry to learn your little boy is struggling! I'm glad he is receiving an evaluation so you can make a plan with his doctor to help him.

In the meantime, our information on parenting ( and behavioral management ( might be helpful.

You can also contact the health information lines, Monday-Friday, 1-5 p.m., at (800) 233-4050.

Best wishes,


The National Resource Center on ADHD


Hello Karen,

Thank you so much for replying! I will check all of the information, I appreciate it!

Best wishes to you as well,


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Hi jekkuh! I'm new to this community, too, and feel we are going thru similar experiences! My 6-yr-old son was diagnosed with ADD/ADHD Combined last week and we are choosing not to medicate at this time. I hope we both get the support we need and wish you luck with your little one! Blessings!


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