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5year old

Hello all strong mothers , because it takes a strong kind of women to bare with this . I have known for some time now , my son would never stay still, since he learned how to walk he was none stop on the move , now 5 and he’s more energetic then I have ever experienced. He’s started kindergarten. And as well all know the school system now is much more intense then way back. He’s having trouble recognizing his alphabets and at Time his numbers , he gets sight words that he has to memorize yet he gives me such trouble to even do home work. Any advise as to what to do or what to invest in to help him through kindergarten?

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The only thing I have found is finding ways of learning that work for your child. My child will not sit down and read. But he will play games. The only way I can get him to read letters and words and numbers is if it is a game somehow. I don't waste my time any more trying to read to him like I would my older son... I have to work with him in ways that work for him. It takes creativity. School is hard. Being honest with you teacher is the first step. I find you sometimes have to fight for your child when no one else will. Keep bugging the resource teacher until they finally agree to help you. Good luck.


I agree about kindergarten! When my older girls were in kindergarten, reading was taught in 1st grade. By the time my 13-year-old twins went to kindergarten, they learned to read in kindergarten! Look on websites for fun ideas. If you can make it fun, he will learn it. For example, we played car games for letters, such as, "Find 3 things that start with s." Of course, part of the fun is your participation, so you look for them, too. Talk aloud to help him understand, such as, "I see a SIGN, and I know that starts with s! There is one for Mom!" With math, there are games with dice that are addition and subtraction, when he's ready! The home school websites and teacher idea websites have lots of ideas. Good luck!!

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