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New too!

Greetings!! I have a 5 yo ADHD combined & ODD son who just started Kindergarten. He's been receiving services through CPSE between the ages of 3.5 & 5. OT & SEIT Really helped him early on, though his difficult behaviors still persist, we were able to alleviate some of his frustrations and mitigate his inappropriate behaviors in school with the help of the SEIT and very accommodating teachers. He has an IEP and has started kindergarten earlier this month. He is in an ICT class, and has a general ed teacher and a special education teacher, which I was thrilled about. However, in spite of these accommodations he was brought to the principals office after repeated attempts to get him to comply with the teachers requests to participate in a positive way in class (he also hit his teacher when told recess was over). This was on day 8.

I'm very seriously considering medication because the more I read others experiences, I'm beginning to see that with the ODD it's very difficult to get anywhere unless you can get some of the ADHD symptoms under control. Looking to connect with anyone who has any knowledge or experience with this situation.

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My 5 year old twins are starting medication next week. From what I've been learning from Russell Barkley books and videos, the accommodations and behavior plans are great and needed, but the medication really is what will make the most difference. I'm hopeful anyway. If it helps to stop impulsive behavior and emotional overreacting I think there would be much more positive interactions at school. The balance gets so off when they are having to be disciplined so much.


We tried 2 years of therapy and alternative treatments for my ADHD/ODD son before medicating. It was a tough decision but even with the therapy tools every day was full of tears. ..both his and mine. We were both angry and felt like failures all.the.time. It was no way to live. The medication was a miracle and things got so much better. He stopped hitting me, putting hold in the walls, etc. Unfortunately though it made him lose too much weight so we're back to square one trying to find a medication that works but doesn't completely suppress his appetite.


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