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Adhd and advanced classes

Hi everyone! I have some concerns as my son has been recently diagnosed with adhd while simultaneously starting his first year in advanced classes in his 5th grade school. I'm struggling because it seems that because he has adhd his teacher are confused as to why he is in their advanced placement classes....he is maintaning his grades so i dont want to take him out of these classes but he is struggling with the typical symptoms of adhd like focus, disorganization and sitting still! Can a child with adhd still succeed in advanced placement classes? Or am i setting him up for faliure? Does anyone else have a child with adhd that tests above grade level for standardised testing?

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ADHD should never be a reason to hold a child back. Yes they might struggle with concentration and focus and a whole other host of things but this doesn't mean that they can't be successful in life. Your son has the ability and drive to do anything he wants and I think the advanced classes are great for him as they are challenging and force his brain to continue to stay on top of the challenge!!❤❤

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