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Online support group for the kids?

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Hi, my 11 year old daughter has expressed great interest in joining a group online for ADHD sufferers. I did a quick search and only found support groups for the parents. I know there are places she can go for group therapy and we have explored that but it did not go well at all. It seemed like there were children there with far more severe issues and that made her feel kind of like a freak, and to add insult to injury one of the children stole from her. So because of that, and because she has social anxiety, she would prefer an online setting. Any recommendations? Or potential email pals?

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Boys Town had an online support group that I tried to get my grandson on. But I don't know if he ever followed through. It wasn't specifically for ADHD it was more for support and taking things out.

There is a good website called ADHD Kids Rock that you might check out. It was created by a young man who has ADHD. I am not sure that there is a support group per se, but it might be a good place to start. Here is the link:

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