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I need help, please

My son is 9 and was diagnosed with ADHD 2.5 years ago. He went on medicine and we did multiple other treatments with the medicine. His dad didn't want the medicine but he gave it until this summer when he stopped and now refuses to give it. He won't discuss with me what his plan is and he won't agree to any interventions like mediation or co-parenting counseling to talk about it. I just found out today that what he is doing is threatening our son. Our son loves football more than anything. He's very good at it and he feels good about himself when he does it. Now his father is telling him that if he "gets in trouble" at school by blurting out of turn or doesn't stay in his seat then he will not go to practice, he will stay in his room all night, and he will have to write the coach a note about his bad behavior. My son also said his dad told him if he gets in trouble at school he will miss playing his home game next weekend. His father won't give him his medicine, which is part of his prescribed therapy for his ADHD, and then punishes him for having the behaviors of ADHD! I desperately need to be in touch with an attorney who can help with this. Can anyone help me find my way to someone who can legally help? Please, this is abusive!

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Your son is blessed to have you as a mom. I can't help you with an attorney but I do want to offer you hugs for your brave stance and advocacy for your son. Does his father have the power to keep him away from a game or is making sure your son goes something in your control? I am glad your son has football to feel good about himself. I wish for you many miracles!


His dad and I share week on/week off custody. He is with his dad for the home game weekend so he can make him miss if he chooses to. I emailed my son's teacher and counselor to see if they had suggestions and I think we are going to meet this week. I'll keep posting. Thank you for the prayers. I'm having a hard time letting go and giving it to God but I think that's the first thing I need to do.


I agree, release and move forward in faithfilled actions!

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