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Literal phrases why do I do it??

This morning I've had too many battles already and it's 9am!! for goodness sake. It's my fault when my son woke up I told him it was too early for the iPad, five minutes later he asked for his laptop so I said they're the "same" and now 2 and a half hours later he's still arguing about them not being the same. I know by now not to use literal phrases, I used to say be five seconds and he'd count them and then argue to point. Anybody else fallen into this trap? Why oh why do I still do it??

Have a good day everyone 🙂

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My daughter argues with me all the time and is very disrespectful at times. The stuggle is real friend, but luckily you aren't alone.

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It's not just you. The literal interpretation happens in my house all the time. My 10 year olds day has to be structured from the moment he wakes up till he goes to bed and I can't allow bedtime exceptions because if you make an exception once it's expected again. The life of an ADHD parent is never easy!


OMG I thought these behaviors were just her personality traits!! She will argue with me about the sky being blue. Her dad picked her up from school one day and then she asks me if daddy is going to pick her up every day now.

But when she starts to argue with me about ridiculousness I shut her down and tell her, " I will not argue with you I said what I said and that's it." And walk away...then if she continues I just repeat myself "I'm not going to argue with you and if you're going to continue to argue you will lose ipad privileges for two days..."


You have to recognize that he's baiting you into power struggles. Once you see it, you'll know it's not a productive conversation. Tell him what time he can have electronics and then change the subject or ignore him until he does

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