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Book Reports are the Absolute Worst

Honestly, they want us to sit there and try to help without helping them put words to a book that we barely got done reading with a kid that can't sit still for five minutes? Nevermind that there are points assigned for NEATNESS and ORGANIZATION. Here is how it went:

First five minutes: This is great! Look at all the supplies we got! We're going to get this done in NO time!

15 minutes later, page two of book report: I know it's hard sweet girl, Just keep pushing through, we'll get this done together!

10 minutes later page three of book report: I go take a potty break, look in the mirror, wonder where those new wrinkles came from, I swear those weren't there when I got up.

10 minutes later: Still page three of book report: Sweetheart, laying your head on the page doesn't help you write or draw the picture: "yes, it does, I'm imagining the drawing I'm making and my brain will laser it onto the page. It might take some time."

BREAK: She has a protein drink, I ponder whether or not if I just write the dang thing if anyone would REALLY know...

10 minutes later: OK sweetheart, we CAN DO THIS! You and me!

15 minutes later: Page 5 - You got this Honey, just a few more pages to go! Her: "I hate this book and my life. I'm late to leave doing this book report. (yes she actually said that) I just need another break. Give me a lunchable, I might be able to finish if I have a Nacho lunchable."

10 minutes later: Honey, hanging on the chandelier isn't going to help get this done. I know you're frustrated, I am too. NO, sweetheart, please don't chase the dogs...WAIT...no, the backyard...NOOOOOO....muddddyyyy.

Cut to me laying facedown on my bed in my sweats, no bra and a t-shirt, she's sitting next to me patting my back, "It's ok Mommy".

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I am laughing a little because you describe that so perfectly! But I hear your frustration. Sometimes I wonder if the homework is really helpful and I’m right there with you contemplating doing it myself!


Book reports are so hard! And science projects! But you are keeping up your sense of humor and now I am laughing too! Feeling encouraged that I’m not alone. You deserve a medal for your valiant efforts! If teachers only knew the work parents must put in to get these special projects done! It’s an Olympic event!

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This is us with information reports, you described it perfectly! Except the me character in this anecdote maintains a level of patience I am still working towards...

Nice to know we are not alone in our struggles. Thanks for sharing.


Yep! Daughter had one every month last year so I made her space her work out. She is a voracious reader so it was easy to pick a book as soon as assignment came in. We had a month to do it so each weekend she did some piece but even then it was painful. So happy we don’t have any yet this year.


Every.single.month? Nope.


I remember each page taking an hour or two ... so your ahead of the game lol. Hang in there. Try to break into chunks and space it out.

As for reading the book, over the years audiobooks became our friend. I signed up for Audible and got the book list from the teacher each year- so the book was already downloaded to his phone. When they had quiet reading time in school he got permission ( in his IEP) to use his earbuds and listen along to his book. My son had tics that made his eyes blink excessively. Try reading a book while blinking your eyes. Impossible. If your daughter can listen to the audiobook while following along in the book and adding sticky notes in the book for the important parts she may later reference in her writing, it will help later when doing the report.

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HA HAAAAA!!! Thanks for the morning laugh. I can TOTALLY relate! Many times I've had this same struggle and though if I complete it myself would anyone even care.

The amount of homework is usually unrealistic for our children. I allot only 30 minutes to completing homework assignments. My son's IEP includes modified assignments that are shortened but most times they are not. We turn in whatever is completed within the 30 minute time frame. Otherwise he has no free time. Basically his whole day is about school - 6 hours in the classroom, 1.5 hour break, 2 hours in tutoring. By the time he gets home he is wiped out and goes to bed.

Keep praising your little one for what she is able to accomplish. What she completes does not have to be perfect. Your humor will get you through!


I absolutely love your description. I hate book reports too. Because of this very thing I have learned to ask for the book report schedule at the beginning of the school year so we can get ahead of things. I can build in time to read the book and then build in time for my son to do the book report over several days.

My thirteen year old is working on a book report now and because he started reading the book at the beginning of the quarter he has plenty of time to do his report. He's had several days to work on the report. One of his biggest problems when he does written reports is he gets distracted by formatting and doesn't actually write anything. So this time I typed across the top in giant red letters: FORMAT LAST. We will be going over what he has written this afternoon and if all is well, we'll print it up. :)


Like all the others before me, I really appreciate your sense of humor on this and your disdain for book reports! I came across the following list a few days ago and thought the tools they presented for help with writing looked promising, especially the one called MindNode -which helps kids map out their thoughts before writing. I hope you find it helpful too:) hang in there!



Oh boy...this describes my life every night trying to finish homework. I wish I were as patient as you! My daughter has monthly book reports this year which include a project of some kind and presentation. It is hard enough to get through a chapter book in 1 month let alone a report in addition to regular homework. 😔. I feel your pain! I used to like the idea of homework but now I just wish my daughter could come home from school, relax or run off some energy, and spend time with me that doesn’t include yelling and frustration!


HYSTERICAL! We all feel your pain!

Can I say...my son in 7th grade has to write reflections EVERY single night!

Saving grace? Text to speech in google docs. He talks while he walks around and it records his responses. Then, he autocorrects it.

He NEVER sits in one place.


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