4.5 year old daughter recently DX with ADHD

My 4.5 year old daughter was just Diagnosed this week with ADHD. The Main issues we have with her is defiance( Never listens to us) , and anger ( she gets angry very easily ) . Yelling/Punishing doesn't do much but get everyone more upset. Any Suggestions ? Also , does anyone have any short term behavior charts they can recommend ? She gets a Smiley face on the board when she does something really nice , but I think we need something more short term ( maybe morning /evening ) etc.


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2 Replies

  • Explore areas of hobbies or things that she likes to pay attention to let her burn energy in doing something active if she like sports,dancing,or singing. Also think of a code word that you both like and use that word can make a world of difference as something to help train her brain with that when she hears it she knows to stop and think and let things process before reacting.

  • Check out he website called child mind.org. They have some really good information for families on different things to try with your kids on discipline and behavior. I have also found some really good ideas and info from Pinterest to try. Hope this helps.

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