Encouraging my child to like school?

Well, it's day 5 of school and it's already started, she dreads going to school and is asking me why she has to go. It is breaking my heart to see her unhappy there. Last year was tough with teacher yelling and kids looking at her like she's stupid. She was tested this summer and she has ADHD, anxiety and sensory issues (unspecified). The school is suppose to be establishing an IEP or 504 but it feels like it's taking forever. What do you tell your kid when they don't want to go to school?

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  • I know how it feels not wanting to go to school and coming home and trying everything just to miss school the next day and it can be hard but one thing you could try is working with the teachers to make school somewhere where she enjoys being or you could help her find a talent that nobody else has and help her peruse it as this can make her feel special and I know that she would want to go to school and show off her newly found talent. Things will get better!!!

    I hope this helped❤❤

  • Talk to the teacher/Senco and see if there's a job that can be just hers that she does daily, something she can enjoy and have pride in doing as a focus. Just for 5 mins a day or so. This helped my son and he didn't dread going in so much. Also keep on top of them doing the IEP and be pushy if needed.

  • Well I with u on this one! Just keep taking your child to school and be on the schools case constantly. I would suggest calling or e mail her teacher about what ur child is experiencing. Be patient it will work out. Make sure it is an IEP if not call for a meeting. Be positive and encourage!

    Hope that helps!

  • Ugh, the challenge is SO real. It is a struggle when they feel this way. I went through this with my daughter too. I basically came up with an incentive chart. She got "points" for getting up, getting dressed, packing for school, and actually GOING to school. Every Friday she could cash in her points after school for a prize (I made them things she liked that we could do over the weekend like going to the playground, taking a walk through the park, having a friend over, etc.) I also teamed up with the teacher and got her teacher to do an incentive system at school - basically to keep her on task and completing what she had to do - work wise at least. The rewards at school were simple too - nothing crazy - like a new pencil, or eraser topper, a few extra computer minutes, special reading book choice. I didn't want anything to overwhelm the teacher because she has enough on her plate! These little things take a bit to establish and need to be consistent to work, but it really helped me with my daughter. Hope some of these ideas might help you as well.

    btw, on your child's IEP or 504, you can put directly on that the use of a behavior chart/ system if you feel that would benefit her. Frequent check ins with the teacher, or another staff member can also be placed on that document as well

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