My step son was diagnosed with ADHD about a year ago and as a step mom it gets hard.

My step son is 6 years old we thought him getting older he was going to learn a little to calm down but it has actually got a little worse. He's behavior at school is not so great there is times he's good and others he hits and doesn't listen. We never wanted to put him in medication but me and his father been thinking about it. Do you guys have any recommendations or or any experience with ADHD medications?

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  • Hi, my daughter is 6. We tried everything but meds for a year. We tried non[stimulants first and they made her too sleepy and constipated. We then had a mouth swab test designed to recommend the meds best for a child based on their genetic make-up. I found the test to be helpful in avoiding some of the trials and errors of the medication process. She is now on a stimulant and it has its own list of side effects (loss of appetite, upset stomach and a certain amount of time of support/help). If you have not heard of the mouth swab test I would ask for one. I wish you all the best!

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