My 5yr old daughter has ADHD!! Any tips on how to deal with her with out the medication!?

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  • Yes. The best way is to distract her and find things that keep her busy. Like a favorite cartoon or playing board games.

  • Yes and also you could find her a hobby or help her find something she is interested in

  • there are a lot of things can you do, but the most important is to improve her self-esteem and then you need to be very patient, give her a lot of love and look for small and private school. because the other way you have to follow school rules.

  • Why say no to medication? I take blood pressure meds. Without it, I'd blow my top too.

  • This video is so worth listening to over and over and over until we get the idea strong into our heads that this is a fact of life. These kids are not different from others. They so seem to have an inhibition in their cognitive ability. What do you think?

  • Checklists with pictures to show routines and self care reminders like hand washing and toilet flushing. Get her outside to play a lot, nature is calming and being wild outside is okay. Give one step commands. Keep directions short. Motivate behavior with tokens, contests (let's race to see who can get dressed fastest) and privileges like watching tv. I'm also reading "Taking charge of ADHD". It's a good book. Good luck!