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Good morning, last week, my 6-year old daughter was diagnosed with ADHD Combined Type. We are meeting with our pediatrician tomorrow to discuss medication, as the psychologist who completed the testing felt that she would benefit from it. Here's where I'm struggling: she attends a traditional school and has not really had any behavioral issues. She has complained about getting her work done (sometimes it takes her longer, it's very distracting when people finish earlier than her and talk). She is quite goofy, which is part of her personality, but also something that she does to distract. I think I'm struggling with medicating her proactively - I can see where she may struggle, but I don't know that she will struggle (especially with hyperactivity, impulsivity). The weekends are quite difficult as I'm typically solo parenting with her and a very busy 3 year old. Her behaviors and emotions are across the board, and certainly affecting her sister. So, maybe I just need someone to tell me that it's okay to try. Or that's it okay to wait. Or perhaps, I need to continue to process this information! Anyways - thanks for reading and I'm grateful to have found a resource here.

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  • People always think that medication should be consideredast and that it is something that is used as a desperate measure but medication along with other therapies is what would work the best and the first medication she gets might not be the most ideal so don't be shy to try lots of different things.

    Things will get better!!!

    I hope this helped❤

  • Look the truth is that ADHD kids have differences in their brains. Giving her meds is like replacing the chemicals her brain can't make. Kind of like giving a diabetic a shot of insulin. I struggled with this choice too but after talking to the pediatrician and a trusted friend whose a retired teacher I decided to try it. This is day six and my daughter is calmer and her play is more concentrated. Only you can decide what is right for your child. Gather all the information you can from good sources and decide. Maybe your daughter can wait for meds. After last year ending in tears, self doubt and frustration I had to try something. Good luck!

  • One thing that stood out in my mind from all the years of listening and reading. A person with ADHD is 30% younger than their actual age. It makes it harder for a 6 year old to manage their behavior in class or elsewhere when they are truly running as a 4 year old. Example: A 16 year old who doesn't take his MEDS for ADHD over the weekend. Technically the young one has the maturity of a 12 year old driving around in YOUR CAR> Heads up. Read more. Study up.

  • I know it seams scary putting them on meds. Saying that my daughter wasn't diagnosed till she was nine as I felt it didn't really interfere with school but once it did I had her tested and started her on a low dose and pretty much from the start her school work improved dramatically she could concentrate better and in the last two yrs has gone from being in all the bottom sets to doing all the advanced sats papers and getting great marks. It's really helped her and me to manage her outbursts.

  • I had the same issues when my daughter was diagnosed and had to go on medication. The way you are feeling is normal. It is hard because she is young and as a mother we feel like they should not be on medication this young. But it has helped my daughter so much. My daughter is just like your daughter. She was 6 also when diagnosed, she has been a her medication for a year. She has just had such a better year at school last year with her medication. She just turned 7 today and has no problems with being on her medication. It has just made school so much easier for her. Good luck and I hope that I have maybe helped

  • I found it helpful to listen to utube while folding laundry and doing chores. Not need to watch. Just listen to what the professionals have to say.

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