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What are the problematic symptoms of ADHD? How has your child’s ADHD evolved as they have aged?

Initially we had a very unhappy baby who wanted to move and not be restricted, she rarely slept and screamed a lot. This changed into a lively toddler of extremes - very happy and then very very unhappy melt downs lasting an hour of more once or twice day. Still poor sleeper and night terrors. Nursery helped but the staff noted she struggled a little but not quite enough to trigger intervention - she preferred adults to other kids and played alone more. She went to school nursery and her not sitting still was now an issue as was moving from one thing to another quickly. An informal visit by a health visitor suggested it was her young age. She started reception and it was more of the same but the teacher was sure she'd grow out of it. Her drama class performance had concerned us as she was clearly different and couldn't keep still or follow the directions.

The change came in year 1 when her teacher raised concerns - not stilling still, poor focus and clumsy. This began her journey to diagnosis. She hasn't been treated as such but school have put into place some sensory techniques to keep her engaged and motivated - wobble cushion, headphones and special work area. She has got easier as she has got older, more able to understand her behaviour and better at developing relationships with other kids - although still loves the adults in her life and seeks their reassurance and guidance. She is still struggling to focus and may fall behind if we aren't careful, she's also not getting as much out of her social life and extra curricular activities as she should - we are hoping to start medication soon alongside other therapies and extra support as needed. She has many years to develop and manager her symptoms so we are hopeful

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All sounds so familiar. Thank you for sharing

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Your daughter and my son are very much alike. It is nice to know that I am not alone and other parents are going through similar situations. Thank you for sharing.


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