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Anyone else suffer with continuous menstrual bleeding? How do you stop it?!


Hey, I’m absolutely at my wits end and not sure what to do going forward. In May I had excision surgery with one of the best specialists in the UK to excisise my stage 4 endo and unattached all my organs and out my bladder and bowel back where they belong! I was lucky enough to not need a bowel resection in the end. However adeno was confirmed in this op. Previous to my op I relied on zoladex to control my continuous bleeding, without it I bled every day. I haven’t had zoladex since April due to my op in May and have since had no hormone suppresent! I was advised started a progesterone only pill and have been on Noriday since, I chose this one because it has norethisterone in it and though it may help with the continuous bleeding.. has any one else tried anything else that’s been successful?

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Hi Lanny,

I tried Noriday and found it made me bleed continually too. I have the mirena and do not bleed at all. There is definately no "one size fits all" solution. But your post was 2 years ago so i hope you have found something that has helped.

Thank you, I did. I found a natural remedy and took vitex-A and vitamin C and after around 3 solid months of religiously taking it and stopping the pill that my cycle restarted and has been like clock work ever since. Thank you. I hope you have found relief also x

That's good to know. Glad you found a natural remedy. I'll let my friend know what worked for you as she has lots of bleeding and this might help her.


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