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Unbearable sciatica pain


I am not sure when or how my herniated disks started as I've been dealing with pain for almost two years now but this year my pain has become much worse. Last year in November I had an MRI that showed that I have a herniated disk in my L4 , L5. This year I developed sciatica that's been going on for months. I've been to my primary doctor, a neurogist, and a pain management doctor (physiatrist) . I've had antiinflammatory meds, muscle relaxers, physical therapy and TENS therapy with no relief. I'm not sure what to do next or what doctor to see. My pain management doctor told me he wants to try an epidural but said I'd have to wait 4 weeks but its been 3 months now and I'm still waiting! Is it normal to wait this long? Should I get an epidural right away? Any recommendations of a doctor I should see? I live in the United States and my health insurance doesn't require a referral to see a specialist. Should I see a chiropractor maybe?

I'm not old I'm only 28. I need to lose weight as I know added weight isn't helping but I need pain relief and can't wait to lose the lbs first. Its affecting me emotionally as well.its torment

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Hi my name is Ann , I'm sorry to hear about ur medical issues. I have 4 herniated disc also in L/S spine. I am also a disabled critical care R.N. Someone rearended me 7yrs ago and I had a cervical 3-7 fusion. My entire neck. I stopped breathing after surgery. I ended up in ICU for awhile. I had to learn to do everything over again. It was a long recovery. I know the pain u go through as well. I have had the injections also in my low back but nothing helped. I hope the Dr gave u some pain medication for u. It should not take 3 months to set up injections. At the most 1month. My insurance approves and set-up anything I need within 2wks and I do have to get referrals and approval through my insurance. You should ask to speak to ur Dr's office manager and ur insurance company, 3months is ridiculous. If they ever talk about lumber fusion hold off as long as possible, from the trauma of the accident, surgery or both now I have RSD. There is no cure for this disease at the present time. Feel free to reply if needed but make those calls. What state do u live?. I was about 50lbs over weight but lost 15 which didn't help the pain at all. God bless❤

ViralCipher in reply to Ann05

Sorry to hear this happened to you , sounds way worse than what I'm going through although it's enough to give me anxiety and some level of depression. I have called them but they say are waiting for some one to come . I'm going to see the Dr for a nerve test on Thursday. I'm going to ask about this again but most likely I'm going to try another place, but I have a feeling the injections might not help anyway. Nothing has yet. They gave me anti inflammatory and muscle relaxers but they don't help.

Neldine in reply to Ann05

I wish I could take you with me to see my doctor. He's convinced that with compression fractures throughout and severe stenosis lumbar and si. Every person I know who has had any back surgery has had some complication or lingering troubles. Feel like he's backing me into a corner. Started with taking away 2/3 of my narcotic, then the prednisone. Waiting for the last shoe to drop.

They should order u some pain medication. What do u mean they" are waiting for someone to come?" The shots didn't help me but idk for u. I want to stay positive for u while being honest about these steroid shots. They are a money maker for the docs. I hope u don't see a chiropractor. Let me know sister what happens. I will keep u in my prayers, if that's OK. I do take one day at a time. I do get depressed also. I live in NV at least it isn't humid here which makes pain worse. May God bless you💝

ViralCipher in reply to Ann05

I am a bit confused myself about what is taking so long. They (I mean the people at the front desk) aren't very clear. I will ask again tomorrow, but I really need to see a different doctor because I think they are giving the run around. What kind of pain medication would they give for this? Don't want to be hooked on narcotics or opioids. I feel like everything is a money maker and that's all they really care about. It's sad that human beings are being treated in this way to make them a buck.

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