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Pain and being lonely


Not been on here for a long time not very good at righting things down.

I'm a 63 year old man been in chronic pain for years lower spine, various meds waiting for injection.

The cruncher is just can't stand the pain anymore, the physical and mental, and to make it even worse I have no one in my life.

What's the point of existing when your in pain and nobody is there to help you through it.

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Hi Rod, that sounds so sad. I know what you mean regarding never ending lower back pain. I have had 3 ops on lower spine. Still have pain although it’s more in my leg right now, driving me insane. Have had various injections. They can do wonders so fingers crossed there.

It must be the Sunday that has stopped people responding but no worries just feel free to come on here whenever for support as it’s great to share.

Sorry , I think the worse part is having nobody to help you through. Good wishes

Rod, I often feel as you do. I'm alone with this disability and disease. No one comes to check on me. I could be dead in my home for 2 weeks before anyone would realize there is something wrong. You and I are quite close in age. We weren't meant to be alone. I'm so sorry you are feeling this way but feel so bad for you. I would love to hear more about you. Thanks, Misti

Rod-S in reply to Bratcat2

I am sure I am not as bad as your self. I do mange a part time job, and have family.

I am divorced and very lonely seems like a lot of the time I do my job come home and go to bed because of the pain, or because of being lonely and not being able to cope with the loneliness.

What about your self?

Bratcat2 in reply to Rod-S

Rod, right now I'm unable to work. I pray that I can work one day soon. I understand the coming home and just crashing. I think pain not only takes an physical and emotional toll but zaps our energy, as well. I could be wrong but when we are alone, it's hard to face days of repeated pain. I dont know if this happened to you, but most of my friends disappeared when I got I'll. I'm sure it is difficult for a healthy person to be around those with chronic pain. Did you find that many of your friends found better things to do than spend time with you?

It would be so nice to have a significant other whom understood chronic pain. I would love to help someone deal with this journey, so they are not alone. Where are you at? I'm on the washington/idaho border. I do not know how to retrieve personal messages on here or I would send u one. I hope today your pain is less than the day before and your loneliness has subsidized a bit. I hope to talk again soon. Misti

Rod, plz dont give up. I'm awaiting a spinal cord stimulator trial in a few months. Maybe there is a reason I ran across your post 2x. It's hard being alone but even harder when we hurt. Plz write me back. Your life is definitely worth living. Misti

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