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tomorrow i have a delivery of a special back tens machine and a new gel to try which i know will be a waste of time as ever but i keep doing these things to prove im trying everything and my dr's need to step up their game. my mental health support worker says that my pain is very bad, theres nothing she can do, and wants to talk to my dr about more pain killers. its like a never ending cycle for almost 4 years. i find a manageable pain plan, i get my hopes up, a dr changes the plan, acts surprised when i get worse, only offers mental health support, mental health team cant do anything and refer back to medical dr's, over and over and over. surely its a waste of their time at this point.

ive given in and booked an appointment with an advocate because i need to realise that admitting i cant handle everything on my own isnt failing. im meant to be moving into a flat on my own this month, il be changing back to my home town, changing teams, and meanwhile would like to be able to trust the few people that say they want/can help me.

im so sleep deprived so sorry for the long vent but i need to get it off my chest to people who understand me

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Hi wallflower. I think it's a real shame that you have got to the stage that you are dismissing something new before you try it. Chronic pain can make one feel very negative about life but having a posit I've attitude will help. There are numerous studies about the connection between the mind and body that show that how we feel about our pain can have an effect on the amount of pain we percieve.

The Tens machine has be proved to operate on the same natural 'pain gates' that we have within the pain pathways of the body. These gates can 'open' and 'shut' in response to circumstances. I'd say it was worth regarding the machine as something that could help you and be excited about trying it.

Sadly there is nothing at the moment that can kill pain only reduce it so a lot is down to using cognitive methods to help the body deal with it.

I do understand where you are coming from. It often overwhelmed me but I will tell you that my Tens machine is like my favourite teddy was when I was 3. Never go out without it and use it every day.

I do hope you find it as useful as I do. I am curious about the gel. What is it ?



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