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How uncomfortable did those of you who have had radiotherapy find it and how have you been after it?

I'm having a one off dose of radiotherapy with a halo attached, can't say I'm looking forward to that bit! Or the amount of time I have to hang around the Hospital either. I have to come off my anti inflammatories 10 days before my procedure because of a risk of bleeding from the attachment sites, so will be really uncomfortable before I start!

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Hello there lupie-cathy! Don`t worry!!! I had LINAC in January 2011. I didn`t like the thought of having the head frame fitted either but it wasn`t painful at all.. By the time I`d had a dose of Lorazepam and the local anaesthetic it was fine. It was nothing to have worried about. The thought of it was worse than it actually was!. The frame was on all day till after the treatment in the evening but was okay. There were hardly any marks from the attachment sites. After treatment I was fine for about 2 months but then I found I had very little energy. The doctor said it wasn`t anything to do with the treatment but I feel it was, or at least AN related.. It is getting much better though. My latest scan last month showed some growth but it probably is still some swelling post treatment. I know it can take quite a long time to show results so I`m okay with that. Good luck and try not to worry. Let me know how you get on. MaggiKW.


Thanks MaggiKW, I hope that the growth of the tumour is just swelling, where did you have your Linac treatment? I'm having mine at Derriford Hospital in Plymouth. How often have you been scanned post treatment?


Hi: all research I've seen shows fatigue is a common issue and usually goes away. Hope that yours has.



Hello again. I live in North Wales. I was first seen at Walton Hospital in Liverpool and had the choice of surgery or radiosurgery. I opted for radiosurgery for various reasons ( mainly as I have an elderly mum and didn`t want to worry her). I was treated in Clatterbridge Oncology Centre on The Wirral..At first I was told by the doctor at Clatterbridge that I wouldn`t need follow up scans, which did bother me a bit. However, I had an MRI 6 months post treatment then 12 months after that which was this August. I was told I may have another in February 2013. So I reckon I`m doing pretty well for scans! Every case seems different though. Keep in touch. We can compare progress!!


Most people are anxious about the frame being fitted, It is actually ok - just a weird sensation but shouldn't be sore as they will give local anesthetic at the pin sites. I had GK 3 years ago & think overall the fatigue is the thing that surprised me most. I have had a scan at 1 year post GK & continue to have regular scans to keep an eye in things. Just go easy on yourself immediately afterwards - you may not have the scars from surgery but your body has still had treatment & may need to recover from the emotional stress & strain too.


I am waiting to lazor treatment.tumor has grown.

I am most concerned as Iive alone.retired.

what can I expect.

will there be any paralysist after

and will it be perminent


August - you need to ask these questions of a medical professional. Every case is different and some people suffer from paralysis after Radiotherapy whereas others have none at all. As for being permanent again each case is different. I really think you need to ask your medical practitioner to answer these questions. Good Luck.


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