Has anyone been treated by Mr Nelson at Frenchay, Bristol? If so how long have you had to wait for an appointment from initial referral?

I had surgery 10 years ago at Frenchay by Professor Coakham! In January last year an MRI revealed regrowth and I was referred back to Frenchay! After numerous phonecalls and another MRI at my local hospital I am still waiting for an appointment and am getting a little cross now. Has anyone else had this problem? Linzi

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  • This may not be too helpful, but it's all I can offer. Having treated my AN in the USA by Fractionated Stereotactic Radiation I moved to Bristol and Rick Nelson became my consultant at Frenchay. I found him very good, and unlike many UK consultants at the time, he did not did not dismiss radio-surgery as "only for those who would die using proper surgery". I found him very good, easy to talk to and open minded. I have heard that Hugh Coakham was similar but have never been one of his patients. As by 10 years, my AN had shrunk to a fraction of its pre-treatment size, Mr Nelson ceased to have an active interest in my case and I was instructed just to contact him if there was any change in symptoms so I have not heard from him recently.

  • Thank you for your reply. When you initially moved to Bristol and were referred, were there any delays in getting appointments. Im just so frustrated right now. Linzi

  • I suggest you take a private appointment with him to get on his books. It may cost you up to a couple of hundred pounds, but if it means you can have Gamma Knife it will be money well spent. Annoying if you have to do that, but you may have no choice. Good luck.

  • A relative of mine is due to have surgery under him/his team & we have been very frustrated by the delays & very slow approach to all aspects of their care so far. They are also due to move to Southmead within the next few months so this may be hampering things further.

  • Thank you for your reply! It certainly has been frustrating this time for me! My main concern is that I have decided to go down the Gamma Knife route this time however I know that large tumours cant be treated this way and as my last two scans have shown growth I am keen to get things moving. Im not sure what the answer is. Has your relative been given a date for surgery yet? how long have they been waiting? Linzi

  • HI can you put your email address up on here & I will mail you directly if that's permitted?

  • In short my relative paid for a private appointment before Xmas & there is still no operation date. Yes we too very frustrated.

  • Hello, I was diagnosed with a A.N . in June, last year, just had the op in Jan with Mr Nelson & his excellent team.

    Slight hiccup, now, but hopefully, going on okay, some days I feel really good..

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