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Why is fatigue a symptom?

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Hello everyone, does anyone know why fatigue is so bad with a tumour? Is it because the ear is constantly working with - in my case tinnitus and buzzing? Or is it because the tumour is interfering with the nerve? I've no idea but would love to know why I am exhausted. Any top tips will be appreciated.

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I'm not a Doctor but I assume it's because we are working hard to compensate for the reduction in balance facility and to a lesser extent because we are coping with compromised hearing.

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Thanks for your response Bypass. That does make sense. I have an appointment with the surgeon on Thursday so hopefully I'll be able to ask her. For me the buzzing in my head when I rest along with Pulsatile Tinnitus is torture. Let's hope I can get some relief through surgery. Good luck to you all!

Good morning, Fatigue is caused by the brain trying to correct the balance issue. I am under. Salford Good Royal. My AN, is 18mm. It has. Grown 3 mm in one year. Fatigue is a problem , we have to park ourselves through the day. Good luck. I see the specialist in Dec.

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Hello Skipton, it's starting to make sense now. Thanks for your help. I hope are doing OK and your appointment in December goes well for you.

I had radio treatment almost 2 years ago and feel mostly fine now, excep for the fatigue. This is mostly a problem when walking. I can do a fairly intensive 45 minute workout on my exercise bike and rowing machine (both sitting down) without getting overly tired, but a 15 minute walk round the park knocks me right out. As the others have said, it my be some kind of compensation for the balance issues. Especially walking over broken ground is tough. I can only hope that over time it will get better.

Hello Alerte, sounds like you are on the other side of it. I hope the fatigue isn't stopping you from enjoying your exercise too much. They say regular exercise is important so it's great that you've one that works for you. A short walk with a pub lunch in sight could be a better option for you :-)

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