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Hi all,

I'm awaiting final diagnoses as to whether I have AN. Got my MRI scan in a couple of weeks time. My typical symptoms are Balance Dizziness Tinnitus Numbness on my top lip.

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Hi It could be an AN or possibly something else. I always think there’s no point worrying until you actually get a diagnosis. I know it’s easy to say but hang on in there x

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Robzak in reply to Kristyll

Hi Kyistyll, thank you for replying to me.Very wise words and fantastic advice, of which I have taken on board.

I will keep you all updated as to my result of my MRI. X

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Kristyll in reply to Robzak

Hope all goes well x

Sounds familiar but as the other poster said, don't worry and DON'T sit googling. You could have a sinus infection. If it is an A.N. (now also called a 'Vestibular Schwannomma') it will be benign, and there are treatments available. You have recourse to second opinion and other things as well. Just had my treatment - the paperwork, wait and time was probably more stressful. Try not to buy into it. The support line through the charity here is excellent

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Robzak in reply to Martin-mtig

Hi Martin, thanks for your reply. Firstly, hope your treatment went well?

Secondly, no, I'm not going to Google it anymore than I have done already, it can be a frightening place to be medically. So, I'm just going to wait until the 13th and take it from there. I'll keep you posted.

Cheers Rob.

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Martin-mtig in reply to Robzak

Treatment went well, thanks

😊 am writing my gratitude list daily. Underestimated the tiredness and such afterward - and the steroids tore my insides up. But, gratefully that is easing. Please let us know how you come through! It's usually much less than we conjure in our imaginations! Martin

Hi there

I was diagnosed with an AN in January. Please try not to worry too much. If it is an AN, a treatment plan will be put in place. I have been put on watch and wait and will be monitored annually but I know where to go for help if anything changes.

It is quite scary to hear those words and don’t get me wrong I do still have the odd moment where I’m a bit stunned over it all but I now feel more calm and informed about it and am living my life as normal.

Look after yourself and good luck for your results

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Robzak in reply to Lh3007

Aw bless you, thanks for your thoughts. Good luck with your AN and hope it stays as it is eh!!

How long did you have to wait for scan ?

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Robzak in reply to Pige

Well, sadly I've had to go private to get my possible diagnosis as was told I could be in for a long ride due to covid... 3 weeks.

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