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How do describe your tinnitus? Mine is literally like a noise in my head, I can’t say it’s to one side. Bit like a static noise constantly there

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Right side, very high pitched single tone, almost like the noise the TV made when it used to stop broadcasting after midnight in the early 80's!

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L0GD0G in reply to Superpep

Thanks for the response. Yeah, that’s similar to mine but it literally sounds like a noise in my head and not on a particular side. Seems pretty loud too. Sometimes worse than others but always there at pretty bad atm. Maybe through stress and worry. I seem to have had it years but after a hearing test yesterday, the docs want to check me for an acoustic neuroma on my left side. I suffer with anxiety so this has hit me hard. Have you just got tinnitus or do you have an AN?

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Superpep in reply to L0GD0G

3mm AN. On watch and wait, staging MRI due in July, then if no change, a year later and on to every two years after that if ok. Had tinnitus for years, diagnosed with AN this January. Apart from the ringing and having to say pardon more, not going to let it get to me as it's been found now and it's being monitored, so any change can be dealt with. Better to know about it and keep it under observation, I think. Certainly not going to let it affect my life.

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Good for you. I’ve just read a thread on your page. There’s some good info from people on there. I’m just a worrier so I’m expecting the worst as always. Terrified incase they find something else even worse on the MRI.

Cheers for the response though and I’m glad that you’re well and managing.

Good luck!

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HiI have a 3 mm AN on watch and wait had 2nd MRI in Feb consultant keeping me on a yearly MRI. I don’t have a continuous noise in my ear now and then I get a buzzing and a weird crackling noise (only way I can describe)

I get pain in ear the left side. I have lost hearing in that ear waiting to go see bout hearing aid

But I try not to think about it or let it worry me.

My consultant isn’t worried


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Hiya Kim

I’m really glad you and your consultant are not worried.

I hope the hearing aid works out for you. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you.

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Kobegeorge in reply to L0GD0G

Thank youI do get a build up in my ear like it’s just gonna pop it’s a weird horrible feeling which sometimes causes dizziness which is how I was diagnosed

I wish it would happen

My nose blocks on the left side but found out at my consultant appointment last week my Septal isn’t straight so got to have it straightened so hopefully that will prevent that horrible feeling

Just need to get rid of headaches and I will be fine ha ha


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I also get the weird popping need. I feel almost like i need to hold my nose to pop my ears and it’s constant. I feel a tadge unbalanced with it too and my ears build up with wax extremely quick. It’s horrid. The hospital cleaned them out for me last week when i had my hearing test.

My wife has a deviated septum but they don’t want to operate yet because of apparent complications. They’ve advised it could cause her nose to collapse or her face to droop. It’s scared her. I hope thats not the case for you

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Kobegeorge in reply to L0GD0G

Isn’t it an awful feeling The consultant obviously told me the risks but they were minimal I’m not worried

If it helps this feel g I will be so grateful

I don’t know when I will be having operation but will let you know the outcome good o hope


No i would not worry that is very very small.

Fingers are crossed for you. Hope it sorts everything for you

Hi there - my tinnitus is like a hoover - low pitched more then high pitched - usually in my left ear - some days are worse than others - I had an MRI done 15 years ago and the consultant thought I had a minor form of Menieres disease - my hearing in my ledt ear is much worse now - I am very worried about it - James

Hi James

Are they looking into your hearing issue again? I have an MRI in just over a week and I’m worried too. You’re not alone

Jimi have a 11mm Neuroma but my tinnitus drives me crazy I find sleeping very difficult I have the Tinnitus in both ears.

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L0GD0G in reply to Ballantyne56

I put some headphones in at night and listen to some relaxing music/binural beats to try and mask the sound a little bit. That can sometimes help

I have the constant sound of the system filling up after leaving a rap running or flushed the loo. I’m always searching the house checking before I accept it is in my head. Also I’d anyone shouts very loud or screeches unexpectedly a pain shoots in my head and the Tinnitus livens up

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L0GD0G in reply to Kristyll

I have exactly the same with the screaming or shouting. It’s horrid

This distressing hurting due to loud or sudden noises got me tested in London and diagnosed with Hyperacusis so try telling people you are hard of hearing AND allergic to loud noises, it’s not easy. Good luck

My AN is like listening to the ocean from a shell. The louder noise is around me (shower, hairdryer, driving, TV, Music, people talking) the louder it sounds.My AN grew at an accelerated rate in 18 months (from 6mm to 21mm).

I had Steriotactic radiotherapy in December 2020.

I’ve experienced loud banging as I drop off to sleep and the odd time during the day but that has stopped.

In the first 3 months post-treatment I was hearing TV, Radio, people talking in Stereo, it was horrible, ended up reading a lot as I couldn’t stand it. Then, it just went.

For the past few weeks I’ve also had sound like morse code tapping out in my ear.

Reassuring reading other people’s comments that its not all in my head!

I always try to look at the positives and for me this is life changing and not life threatening.

Wishing everyone a good recovery as you are all at different stages of diagnosis.

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L0GD0G in reply to Birdwatchers

I’ve also had that loud bang a few times. It woke me up once and panicked me alot. I’m glad to hear you’re in a positive place. I had my MRI yesterday so, I’m anxiously awaiting my results

Did you get your results logdog, had my mri today , total sudden deaf left ear and squealng tinnitus all the time , driving me mental.. but got to cope hey x

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No I haven’t received any results at all yet and it’s been just over 2 weeks. I don’t have sudden deafness although the hearing in my left ear is different and my tinnitus is also bad. Have they told you how long you will be waiting. I was told about 2 weeks x

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linziejsaddle in reply to L0GD0G

Yes they said 7 to 10 days, hust got my hospital appointment next thursday .. x

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