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Noise in head following AN surgery

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Hi all just a small question , following my AN surgery I have complete hearing loss in my right ear however what I didn't expect was the permanent humming type noise I now have constantly in my head . I asked the surgeon about this and all he said was ' it's the brain that does that ' , does anyone know if there is a name for this symptom , Thank-you .

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That's what the ent said to me the brain sending the wrong signals

It's that good old tinnitus. Typical post-AN surgery, and also can start just from the action of the tumour on the hearing apparatus pre-surgery. A lot of people get very used to it. There's a Tinnitus charity - can't remember the name, and also ask your GP if there are any tinnitus clinics in your area if you don't eventually get comfortable with it. Best of luck.

Yes lots of us I am sure suffer with Tinnitus


The tinnitus will probably be with you for the rest of your life. The only thing you can do to relieve it is to ignore it. It will make hearing more difficult and may sometimes be accompanied by "chirps" or "cricket sounds" or a "babbling brook" or whatever. It may sometimes become extremely loud and be scary, but that only lasts for a few seconds; it has only happened to me about 3 times in 16 years. My tinnitus is normally at the level of normal human speech, but can be louder or lower. Exercise, alcohol and any heavy breathing will make it louder. If your good ear drops in sensitivity you may need a hearing aid for it, but a hearing aid for your dead ear will do no good if your hearing tests show it is below -80 db (normal is +20 to -20 db). Sorry, but that's the way it is; but you will learn to live with it.


Yes I have had this for ten years I am use to it I just didn't think it was tinnitus as it's different from the crackling noise I had prior to surgery and when I asked surgeon about it he said it's the brain that does that he didn't say it was tinnitus , I have total hearing loss from the AN surgery and then had lots of issues with CSF leaks , blood clot on my brain , seizure , I had to have a blind sac closure and eustachian obliteration 5 years after the AN surgery due to CSF leaks . I was told a hearing aid would not work for me . I've only just found this site , I am a member of the lupus site as I've had SLE for over 15 years . Thank-you for your reply .

The fact is, tinnitus is never in your ears, it is a feedback loop in the temporal lobes of your brain where hearing and speech are controlled.

Hi Dean. Thank you for your many helpful replies on this site. My tinnitus is a pulsing (whooshing) noise in my only working dad especially when I am trying to sleep. I am 30 years post AN surgery and am waiting for results from a CT scan. A glomus tumour was mentioned pre scan. At 82 may not have many more years left.

That would be my only working EAR!!!


I find that my tinnitus loudness (that switches from a high pitched hiss to cricket and gurgling sounds), which only lasts an hour or so after drinking alcohol (wine) or after physical exercise. Frankly, in my case it is a life choice, I'll put up with the extra loudness and enjoy my wine and exercises at 74. You might experiment to see when your tinnitus is loudest and minimize that activity, unless you don't want to.



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