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I have a 14mm acoustic Neuroma but my main trouble in Tinnitus I would love help.

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Hi Ballantyne56 what kind of help are you looking for. Everyone hear is willing to offer advice and share experiences x

Hi Linsey, I was just wondering what works for people as I am really struggling, I have the music on but when I get really exhausted I get to feel the music annoying at times. I have Tinnitus in both ears the right one is even loud during the day that is where my tumour is I find it really hard to cope, I sound really weak as I know we are suffering

Hello Ballantyne56, I’m sorry to hear you’re having a hard time with the tinnitus. I have times when I get fed up with what for me is a high hissing sound.

I have had it for some years now, also in both ears but it is far worse in the left. I don’t know yet if I have a vestibular schwannoma as I’m waiting on mri results.

However I use an Avantek white noise machine which gives me background noise of waves lapping against a shore. I have this in my living room and when I’m out I leave it on for the cat!

I suppose it works as a distraction and it is quite soothing. I hope you find something that helps a bit.

Thank you for your reply, funny you should say about your cat, I had a small pug dog who slept beside be, but sadly she passed away which did not help me. I get very frustrated as you know when you are trying to explain how badly Tinnitus effects you there is no way they understand how bad it is. My tumour is in my right side and the right ear is the worse but it is pretty loud in the left ear also. I have a home google playing beach noise.

I hope when your get your MRI results that they are clear.

Kind regards

I am sorry to hear about your dog, sounds like she was a real companion. And thank you, yes fingers crossed for my results.


Please let us know what they say.

Best of luck x

It’s not easy but contact the BTA Association they are great, good luck x


I would like to tell you that the tinnitus will go away, but it won't if it has lasted more than a year. Tinnitus is a fact of life for most AN sufferers; those who have it will have it forever.

I have had very loud tinnitus (about the volume of speech) from a 15mm AN since 2001, making it difficult to hear things, especially people. To live with it you MUST acknowledge that it exists and ignore it. Fighting it (thinking that it will go away) just draws your attention to it and makes it worse. You'll be surprised how much it disappears if you don't think about it.

The only thing that has helped me is using a hearing aid in my good ear when with people to boost the sound over the tinnitus. When not wearing it the tinnitus pretty much drowns out ambient sounds.

Sorry but that's the way it is; so just ignore it,


Dean, Thanks for taking the time to reply the consultant says I am unlucky as it’s growing on the hearing nerve hence can’t be operated on, I am trying to cope but struggling I was giving Zopiclone to help me sleep don’t know how I will ever come off it.

Kind regards

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