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Hi everyone .

This is a real strange question does anyone who suffers with tinnitus get a louder noise when moving their eyes ?.I had an Acoustic Neuroma removed 8 yrs ago .Mentioned it to the surgeon but he couldn't give any explanation .

Thank you

Thank you

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I have had loud, varying tinnitus for the past 17 years; we just learn to live with it.

Your tinnitus will vary in type (hiss, gurgle, crickets, clicks, etc.) in duration and loudness for various reasons, but usually calms down to the usual never-ending hiss.

It can be affected by food, exercise, alcohol, drugs, etc.

Eye-wise, you MAY have a problem with fatigued eye mussels (it is easy to detect since it will be painful to move your eyes up or down (or wherever) to their extreme positions. To get your eyes back in shape do the following exercises for at least a week:

1) Lay down, eyes open and look UP until it is painful and hold it for 10 seconds, then look straight ahead and close your eyes to rest for 10 seconds.

2) Next, eyes open, look DOWN until it is painful and hold it for 10 seconds, then look straight ahead and close your eyes to rest for 10 seconds.

3) Do this for the other six directions (looking LEFT, RIGHT, UPPER-LEFT, LOWER RIGHT, UPPER RIGHT and LOWER LEFT).

4) When done, close your eyes for a minute to let the pain subside.

Each day you do the exercises the pain will become less and less. Do the exercises daily until there is little to no pain. This might help with the tinnitus, but if nothing else your eye muscles will be healthier.


Thanks for your reply I will certainly try these exercises and see what happens .


It is probably important to know the TYPE of tinnitus you are experiencing with GET. Is it the never-ending "hissing type" (which is supposedly a neural feedback loop in the left temporal lobe of the cerebral cortex). If it is intermittent tinnitus such as gurgling, crickets, swooshing, loud bangs, etc., it may come from other areas such as in gaze evoked tinnitus (GET).

The eye exercises I described above is a variation on the GET thesis and eye exercises suggested in the following link:


The GET described in this link suggests that it comes from the cochlea, possibly after invasive surgeries. If you have had invasive surgeries (vs. gamma-knife surgery), it may be the cause of your GET. See if a week or two of the eye exercises described above stops your GET; if so let us know.

I do those exercises periodically (along with my "Bio-Magnetic Therapy Glasses") to keep my eyes healthy; probably avoiding GET.Dean

Hi I would just like to inform you after doing these eye exercises for 2wks I'm afraid to say that the tinnitus noises are still louder when moving my eyes .I will however keep doing these exercises as I'm willing to do anything that may help .

Thank you again for sharing this with me .

Yes I too have the same condition, I had a An 30 years ago reoccurring 3 times since and still have it , the eye movement your explaining is same as me, whichever way I look left right up or down I get high pitched almost squeal like sound, I had to find out myself what it was as the medical profession couldn’t help, it’s called ‘gaze evoked tinnitus ‘ there’s not a lot that can be done I don’t think , I find it worse during quiet times mostly , right now as I’m typing it’s quiet and I’m looking down constantly and I can hear it until I look straight again , I’ve learnt to live with it but it did drive me mad to start with , I hope this explains a little .

Take care .

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rubyrat in reply to Freddy1000

That's exactly what it sounds like .I think the Drs think I'm just making it up glad in a strange way someone else has the same .Thank you so much for your reply I'm learning to live with if but it is so annoying .

Thanks again

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Freddy1000 in reply to rubyrat

Yes it’s weird , when I told mine at the hospital he had raised eyebrows, and he was a professor lol

If an MD can't hide your problem with a drug, they are of little value.

By the way, I am a PhD in Bio-Engineering, not a physician, and do research in how to naturally resolve physical maladies; especially the ones I experience. The same holds true about so-called "professors"; who are usually of little value.

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Kristyll in reply to Freddy1000

My too after 30 years If I look to the left I ger a throbbing Lou’s noise in my ear

i had an removed 7 months ago moving eyes like this also makes mine allot louder then goes back to normal sound when i look straight.


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Freddy1000 in reply to Minnow1

It Seems to be a lot more of a common consequence than I thought from having an accousic neuroma .

This problem does seem to be more common than i thought ,but consultants dont mention it or have little understanding of why it happens.Thank you too everyone for your replys.At my next appointment I will certainly mention it again .


I have the same since AN surgery back in 2008, constant noise from the now deaf side of my head plus the high pitch when I move my eyes up to top left.

Doctor and consultant visits have been a dead end, they have no answers or cure.

Any advice is welcome.

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