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Next step on my journey


I now have pre op date for 6 march and operation date 19 march.quite anxious have been told prob have to have nerve graft as tumour is wrapped around 8/9 nerve,is in the cerebller pontine area and pressing on brain stem.has anybody else had all of ear channel,and hearing mechanism removed as this is what planned .l am concerned about facial palsy and eye all seems such a traumatic experience . encouraging words are need l think.😁

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What were your initial symptoms x are they constant x I hope that it goes well and it’s a better outcome than you think x I’m currently waiting in results and trying To stay positive x good luck

I have not had that thankfully but am rooting for you and sincerely hope all goes well. Try to deal with one thing at a time good luck xx

I hope all goes well

Kindest regards

Thank you

I understand your anxiety. I was in your position 15 years ago. my 4cm tumour was removed along with my left ear drum which was already dysfunctional. I was counselled that my trigeminal nerve was compromised and that, if it snapped during surgery, I would have grafting to 'repair' it and I would experience a palsy. scared stiff!!!

It didn't happen! The only side effect I had was a 'lazy' left eye lid combined with trauma to left tear duct resulting in uncomfortable 'dry eye'. eye gel and drops sorted this in the short term and it's sorted itself out in the long term.

Life is totally normal. you get used to one side deafness, tinnitus and the numb/tingling sensations on left scalp/cheek.

People live with far worse; don't be a victim! you don't have cancer, once the surgery is over you regroup and get on with life. oh, balance is pretty rubbish but I don't fall over, just need to touch a wall to achieve some Pilates poses, I'm 69 now and the oldest in my Pilates class but by no means the least accomplished in the class.

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