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Waiting time for mri results


How long did you have to wait for results for mri have been dizzy and off balance and get ring noises in my ears for the past 20 weeks or so went to the ent and they weren’t happy with it and also said my eyes were not moving correctly said when the move to the side the shake they ordered a mri and the appointment came through the 2nd week to go straight in for one it’s now been 2 weeks and still not headed back is this normal if they had found anything am sure I would have heard by now surly

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Hi pablo , i would have thought that if anything was drastically serious you would know in an instant really , I didn’t wait long for my results , more like a couple of hours, I had a very large An and symptoms differ from patient to patient , mine included all of what you say but please don’t take that as you have the same but your symptoms you describe are certainly not ‘normal ‘ as I would call it , have you chased up with the hospital or your doctors ? I’ve had many mri and ct in the past , and when I’ve heard nothing it’s usually because it’s something mild or nothing to report and other avenues of why you feel this way are to be explored and I’ve been passed on to another dept to deal with watever it was , not just my head but from other complications I have , all I can say from experience of my illnesses is that try not to stress to much over it despite how your feeling as you will make yourself feel worse , I hope all is well for you eventually and try keep a positive mindset over this .

Hope this helps a little , keep me posted as would be nice to know how you get on .


Pablo2018 in reply to Freddy1000

Thanks very much for your reply the old saying is no news is good news thanks again and I will keep you posted if I hear anything

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