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Hi I am new

I have had a few years after my operation followed by radiation. Improvement is always being made. I can garden for longer and I don't fall over anymore. What bothers me now is occasional feeling that my brain is outgrowing my skull. I take an anti inflammatory tablet which seems to help. No comment is made when I report this at my check up,so I feel in the dark. Can you help? Cheers.

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Hello-I sometimes get similar sensations, usually when I'm tired or stressed. I just take a couple of aspirin, but I find meditation is the best help for me - helps to balance me and my reaction to symptoms sometimes returning. I use "Headspace". You can try it for free before deciding to subscribe.


Is the pain in the back of your head, at your cerebellum? If so, your cerebellum is desperately trying to understand your balance problem to adjust your somatosensory system. There is an exercise that I created in 2001 for my balance problem that I use to "Reset My Cerebellum" that may help you.

If possible, go to the following link to see the video and a PDF of the exercise. It will take doing these exercises every day for a month or three until your cerebellum is reset. Then it just takes one session a month to maintain your balance and a healthy somatosensory system. It will also remove a lot of the static in your head and improve your memory...if your cerebellum is the problem. It is a lot of work, but well worth the effort; I have been doing this for 17 years and feel renewed every time I do it.



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