Have an MRI tomorrow, initially went to the GP because I thought I had an ear infection. Had Tinnitus in one ear and a feeling of pressure in there too. It was clear but I was referred for a hearing test, which showed a slight loss but not much more than would be expected at my age, I'll be 60 in 5 days. Was then referred for an MRI, The trouble is I'm now thinking these symptoms are getting worse all of a sudden, have others experienced this? I can be a bit of a worrier, especially if I don't know what's going on. And how long did you have to wait for the result after the MRI only I'm off on holiday in 3 weeks time and think I would prefer to know before I go away. Thanks for any advice.

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  • A lot of MRI scans are done to exclude an acoustic neuroma, and very few ANs are found. And it is not uncommon to have a difference in hearing/ tinnitus between the two ears, especially as time goes by. So while your symptoms just might be due to a cause that could be seen on MRI, the vast majority of MRIs in this situation will not show any cause.

    And feeling stressed really enhances tinnitus. That does not mean that the cause of the tinnitus is worse! It is a good barometer of stress, though.

    I would suggest phoning a secretary in the department which requested the MRI (presumably ENT) two weeks after the scan, explaining your concern, and ask for the result before your holiday.

    I hope all is fine.

  • You should get the results of your MRI before you leave. Try not to worry, that won't help at all, and enjoy your holiday..

  • Yes, I agree with sclb - ring the secretary, and explain your worries about getting the results before your holiday. It's totally normal your anxiety is making the tinnitus worse. My tinnitus actually gets a second, high-pitched tone that kicks in when I get anxious - it's like a handy biofeedback machine. Try to be kind to yourself (difficult at a time like this, but not impossible), and breathe deeply when you remember, it calms the body.

    Have a lovely holiday.

  • Best to wait to see what it actually is although we all worry but it doesent halo a bit. Good luck x

  • Hi, I see your post was a few months ago. My situation is almost exactly as yours was and I'm waiting for an MRI and I am terrified that I have an AN. Really hope you didn't have one and are feeling better.

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