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I have always been aware that I am an extreme perfectionist. Recently I have realised it affects every aspect of my life more than I would like to admit. If I don't comtinually push myself I feel that I will become lazy. When I am interacting in the big wide world people are amazed at what I have achieved. I have not met my goals and usually dismiss the compliments.

My goals in life may seem a little basic to those not suffering from mental illness. My 2 goals in life are to hold down a full time job and obtain my drivers license.

Strangley the penny dropped when at a family gathering and mum asked me how I wanted my steak cooked and my partner said PERFECT-we all had a good laugh!!

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Scarlett2, it does. I have been the same, thinking anything less than 100% is rubbish and have been so hard on myself when I haven't done something totally right. Its not helped me. I'm trying to concentrate on the simple things.Its better. If I can keep my job and have enough aside for a rainy day then that is happiness.

You say you want to get your driving licence. Are you having lessons? Good luck :)


Thanx for your reply. Yes I try to focus on the simpler things. Currently not able to have driving lessons because of my conditions at this point :( Luckily I have my push bike!)


I've certainly got this problem - if I get 96% in an assessment I always wonder what I needed to do to get that extra 4% rather than focusing on the goodness of the result! Same at work - if the outcomes of a birth I attend are less than perfect I really beat myself up and have now been signed off work for stress. I want to be the best at everything I do.


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