Still waiting to be happy and have a good day again

I am still waiting to see if anybody has been trying natural remedies other than regular GP prescribed pills, which keep messing me up, mind and stomach....and the IBS has eased off but I have been really sick this week, along with chronic fatigue which seems to be getting worse, even though I still try to exercise. I will try anything to feel like me again, to not go off on the past when I'm depressed or get irritable, it's so hard getting through the day sometimes and having back and feet problems doesn't help either. I fell like there's a stranger inside of me, I feel mean and just down all the time, crying bouts etc. I remember going on my first antidepressant when I was 18, but I have managed without before, and I have just weened off buspar which messed me up and I'm trying to get off clonazepam..doesn't seem to be helping anymore. I just started taking herbal remedies recommended by my GP on friday, and believe me it takes a chunk out of ur wallet...really hoping that this comes through for me....miss the happy and normal me so much...:(

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  • hi!

    the fact you WANT to feel better so badly is such a good thing. it looks like you see future in your life. I currently experience periods of deep deep sadness where all I want is cry and curl up in bed, or worse things, when I have a really bad day. it has been 2 weeks I am feeling a bit better. what has helped me is thinking or doing something I really enjoy or that I should look forward to. as I should get married next August, I purchased my wedding dress and as stupid as it sounds, all I have been doing every day with no fail, has been looking at the picture of the dress that will make me look beautiful. exercise has helped me hugely as well. it allows me to clear my mind completely. Spinning is the best to my opinion, as I jump on the bike and I forget of where I am and deeply think I am in the streets of my village where I was born, and where I would like to be, but have no possibility to go to.

    also, I think you should help yourself with food. there are foods that are meant to be very good for your mood, like bananas or chocolate. in general a fat diet is bad for you. in fact, imagine starting your day with not being able to go to the toilet. stupid? not at all. I have had days when this has happened and I can let you imagine how the rest of the day went, especially because when you feel down, every little thing seems a massive problem and leads to other problems.

    preparing your food with care and never forgetting a bit of salad on the side (color= happiness). preparing your food and making an effort to make it look nice in your plate has changed my whole idea of what food is for. it should satisfy the stomach, and the eye + you feel you are good at something.

    Try to be surrounded by understanding friends. few but good ones.

    Also, in every city there should be a hospital that has a department of psychology where there are professionals that can talk to you about stress, depression, anxiety and panic attacks.

    I have never taken any medications and never will be willing to take any. they create dependance and the word dependance scares the hell out of me.

    I am no professional...I am glad I feel fine these days, as I don't think this would be such a positive post if I was feeling down... I probably am telling incredibly stupid things.... but they have helped me hugely, I hope you find in my experience and my remedies some inspiration.


  • Nothing anybody says is stupid, it's what's on ur mind, and I'm willing to listen to anybody and people's experiences!!!! I am glad u feel fine, I have had those too, I find that when bad things build up is when my problems start all over again, and then I do try to help myself, and my boyfriend has never been so supportive..even though he doesn't understand what I'm going through. And congrats on the wedding to be!!!!

    As with exercising it can be hard after having an injury and the chronic fatigue sydrome, but I still try to do the best I can, I use to be an exercise freak. And being sick lately has turned my appetite off, I don't eat alot, and I have to watch with the IBS...and I was told by a homepathic specialist to stay away from salads, right now, don't know exactly what's in the stuff that's really good for you, I have alot of sensitiviites.. I have alot of issues and the stress takes over, wish I could handle it better, but I am in counselling and I do talk to my boyfriend and brother...sometimes it's hard to talk to people when they don't really understand...and going to a job I dislike and has made me sick for years doesn't help me either!!! But thanks for answering me, it's so nice to talk to other people and ur lucky to have not been on meds, it has messed me up in my good for u!!! Take care and anytime u feel like talking to me, feel free....thanks again!!!


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