Depressed since stopping smoking

I stopped smoking 12 weeks ago and have been very depressed since about the first week. I was usung patches for 8 weeks but now only a inhalator occasionally. I had anxiety every time I stepped down a patch but that has gone. I don't know anyone as I moved here from America to look after my mum and never speak to anyone except in shops. I was very depressed when mum died but didn't do anything about it. I was ok 6 months later when I went to visit my family in NZ. Every time I come back I start to slide down again but this time I didn't. Not until I stopped smoking. I need to get on and have the place done up so I can rent it out and go live near my family but I can't do that because everything is too much effort. Should I persevere or see my GP? I play positive thinking apps a lot and can relax easily. btw, I don't miss the smoking

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  • I think that seeing your GP is a good idea. You may benefit from some kind of counselling - possibly bereavement-related, and possibly some medication.

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