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How a Positive Mindset Versus Negative Mindset Impacts You


Hi, I'm new here! Looking forward to being an active part of this community.

I'm a super geek when it comes to mindset, so thought I'd share this graph and post with you.

I created The Positive Mindset vs. Negative Mindset graph below to illustrate a few results one can expect from opposing ways of thinking. Those who have a positive mentality are more optimistic, resilient, and more successful.

If you favor a pessimistic mindset it’s usually a trait created from your youth. It’s designed to protect you from embarrassment, shame, and contempt. It’s very common and I’m happy to tell you, you can adopt a healthier mindset.

I had a client who’s wife sent him to me. She was exhausted from his constant negativity. He never wanted to go out because it was too costly. He complained about his career but wouldn’t quit because he was fearful he couldn’t find a better job. She wanted them to go hiking - he was worried he’d hurt his knee. BUT he wanted to be happier!

Once he committed to changing his beliefs he said to me, “Midori, I feel like a dark, heavy blanket has been lifted off me. I now notice the beauty around me and how lucky I actually am.” He saved his marriage.

The amazing thing about our mindset is we have the control to change it. If you have negative self-talk or limiting beliefs you CAN replace them. Once you pivot to a more optimistic way of thinking you’ll notice less frustration, better results, and an overall happier outlook on life.

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Thanks for this 😊

MidoriVerity in reply to Hb2003

So glad it's helpful!

Very helpful !

I appreciate your feedback!

Welcome to the group

Thank you! Happy to contribute and meet more members.

They have other groups on here as well. I am apart of the anxiety / depression group and some others

I think that is most popular

Interesting because so many of my new clients are coming to be with those issues. The current state of the world is not helping and people need more support than ever...unfortunately.

Since there seems to be interest in this topic I thought you may gain value from this post. Title: Fun & Effective Tip to Increase Positivity Today.

P.S. - I know this is a male's group and I'm sending you to a women's group, BUT this is a non-gender post. I promise!

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