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How long before I'm addicted to running


Just done my 1st run,not going to lie, thought my legs were going to fall off 🤸

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Did you painfully enjoy it or hate it? 😛

Running is a love it or hate it kind of thing. I started walking for weight loss, then started running during those walks, to doing 1/2 marathons a year later.

Advice is to build up to very running slowly and get fitted for running shoes (have your gait tested at a running store if you have one). If you’re not already, try Couch to 5k (C25k).

I both agree and disagree with you RoxieDawn!

I did the C25K a year ago and like you am also training for a half marathon and throughout the 5k and 10k training I did I was very much in the hate it camp.

There was nothing I liked about running itself, I hated how slow I was, i hated the feeling whilst i was running it never came easy to me. BUT I kept at it, the mental and physical health benefits were too great to give up. I enjoy other excercise but it doesnt have the same effect.

After running I'm more reasonable, anxiety and depression take more of a back seat and are much more manageable. I make better decisions about EVERYTHING. I can think clearer and I'm more confident as the main ones.

So I kept going, still hated it. Bit by but though after I got through the first 2-3k I started to feel neutral about it. I would still say that I dont love it, I feel decidedly neutral, but I've noticed recently that I am beginning to enjoy it.

I know a lot of people get hooked really quickly and I must admit that towards the end of the c25k I knew I couldnt give it up but the love is for me slow onset. I can not recommend it highly enough though.

In answer to the original post though Give yourself till the end of a programme like C25K and then decide if it's for you.

loved running when I was younger and being fit in general but smoking put paid to that.sometimes I try and run a little but always get heavy legs but you get used to it.

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